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Behind every kit, blister pack and label is a team of clinical supply experts making sure that your drug or biopharmaceutical is packaged and distributed around the globe to meet the needs of your patients and investigator sites. From the packaging floor to a depot within our global network, our experts stand behind every shipment, overcoming whatever challenge your trial faces, and responding with flexibility, dedication and a strong quality mindset. At the heart of this team of experts is your Project or Supply Chain Manager, coordinating your trial clinical supply chain, every step of the way.

With over 450 Project and Supply Chain Managers globally, Fisher Clinical Services provides proactive, consultative project management and end-to-end supply chain management expertise capable of handling any trial, regardless of material, temperature requirement, indication, size or phase.

Whether a small biotech firm or a top ten pharmaceutical company, our project management teams have the expertise to understand your unique trial requirements, adapt to changing study needs and provide proactive recommendations to deliver optimal results.

Spotlight on Excellence

Click here to meet Mario- our featured Team Leader and Senior Project Manager!

Meet Mario

What our team can do for you:

Comprehensive end-to-end study coverage with Clinical Supply Optimization that includes:

  • Comprehensive end-to-end study coverage with Clinical Supply Optimization that includes:
  • Proactive guidance in the development of supply strategy
  • Oversight and management of complete clinical supply chain from supply strategy through forecasting, comparator and ancillary sourcing, packaging, labeling and distribution and logistics
  • Complete support for cell and gene therapy trials, including temperature-controlled storage, transport, and distribution and documented chain of custody management
  • Clinical supply forecasts that are robust and developed with access to sophisticated Monte Carlo simulation
  • De-risked clinical supply chain including waste and cost/budget oversight & management
  • A flexible resource model which can augment internal resource
  • Budgetary reporting and dashboards to ensure your studies are on track from a financial perspective

Additional benefits from individual service oversight

Clintrak Clinical Labeling Services:

  • Experienced guidance on label set-up, design and creation
  • Custom and unique label solutions for a wide array of trial components, from kits and bottles to ampoules, syringes, devices and inhalers
  • Expert coordination of translations, regulatory review and approvals

Packaging & Storage:

  • Leverage relationship with sites around the world to help guide you in selecting the most suitable packaging for your trial
  • Ensuring patient safety and compliance
  • Expertise in cold chain distribution and management, from ambient to cryogenic temperatures, to protect biopharmaceuticals, vaccines, and monoclonal antibodies
  • End-to-end solution providers for all of your packaging needs

Distribution & Logistics:

  • Global expertise combined with understanding of local requirements and regulations
  • Language proficiency and established working relationships with key logistics parties across the supply chain
  • Management and delivery of supplies to over 150 countries across all therapeutic indications
  • Dedicated cGMP/GDP facilities, liquid nitrogen-equipped vehicles and validated dry shippers capable of proper, documented temperature-controlled transport

Clinical Trial Simulator

Are you ready for all the clinical supply challenges that may come your way?  By taking this quick journey through a clinical study, you can see how your decisions impact this trial's results.