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Importer of Record

Leveraging our network of cGMP sites strategically located across the globe, our logistics expertise and our teams of in-country experts, Fisher Clinical Services is in the unique position to handle the entire supply chain from start to finish, including the provision of Importer of Record (IOR) services in 25+ countries.

The Importer of Record is a legal entity responsible for:

  • Ensuring the imported goods comply with local laws 
  • Filing a completed duty entry & associated documents 
  • Paying the assessed import duties & other taxes on those goods. 

The role of Importer of Record can be particularly confusing as it varies from country to country; in some, the Sponsor is the only entity that can assume the role of IOR, while in others, the IOR can be a third party. Fisher Clinical Services is fully vetted and compliant in regional and country specific laws providing IOR services across the globe.

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