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Global Business Experts

Fisher Clinical Services has extensive experience meeting the clinical trial blinding needs of a wide range of therapeutic indications and trial designs. Our blinding and clinical manufacturing cGMP and GAMP 5 (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice) services for clinical trials bring a customized approach that includes a comprehensive offering expertly aligned with regulatory and quality guidelines.

We have virtually all blinding possibilities for any clinical trial phase and our team of experts are here to provide you with the best customized solution for your clinical trial.

Our standard blinding services through clinical manufacturing include:

  •  De-blistering and de-bottling of globally sourced comparator drugs
  •  De-inking of capsules
  • Tablet breaking of comparator drug
  • Fully automated blinding through single and multi-product over-encapsulation.
  •  High speed manufacturing of matching placebo
  •  High speed manufacturing of inhalation capsules
  •  Microdosing of API and API blends
  •  Blending of excipients
  • Special projects with hazardous components 
  • Analytical testing of blinded comparator in collaboration with Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories enables an integrated development process.

Our standard packaging blinding services:

  • Blinding of pre-filled syringes
  • Blinding of vials
  • Blinding of bottles
  • Blinding of nasal spray 
  • Blinding of IV bags

Meeting Unique Trial Requirements

Through innovative technologies and personalized customer service, everyday challenges are met with attention to high-quality standards and commitment. It is our daily business to handle non-standard and challenging projects.

Over the years we have designed and manufactured specific tools to address special processing needs. We have automated approaches that for many in the industry remain labour intensive processes. 

Our experienced engineering and project management teams can consult with you to develop a customized plan for your study program.

Let us know your clinical trial blinding challenges to see how we can help.