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Global Clinical Trial Packaging & Storage

Primary Packaging

Packaging brings together our expertise in material science, industrial design and information technology to develop solutions that protect and properly identify study drugs during storage, distribution and use.

Fisher Clinical Services runs the world’s largest clinical packaging operation. Fully owned facilities supporting ambient and refrigerated packaging are strategically situated around the globe to accommodate local or regional sourcing needs. An integrated IT system links each packaging facility to give clients control of inventory through bar coding standards.

Assurance of quality comes from our long history of serving pharmaceutical companies with practical yet innovative packaging from design and printing to assembly.

Primary packaging operations take place in temperature and humidity monitored rooms where Fisher Clinical Services blistering lines offer:

  • Coldform/Thermoform
  • In-house tooling creation
  • On-line printing
  • In-process vision control systems
  • Single and multi-pack capabilities

Primary packaging also benefits from automation that reduces cycle times and containment suites that handle potent or powder compounds with independent engineering resources.

Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging begins with common materials such as paper, plastic, and corrugated fibers and ends with patient kits that contribute to the success of a clinical trial. Fisher Clinical Services packaging facilities handle a range of package types including child-resistant blister cards and bottles, vials, patches, syringes, inhalers and other devices.

Manual or automated assembly takes place in rooms with managed temperature requirements. Cold chain supplies are packed in refrigerated space while in-room refrigerators and freezers help meet requirements for biologics and other products requiring temperature controls.

Finally, secondary packaging involves the application of labels. Clinical Label Services is the leader in innovative clinical labeling. We design single-panel and multi-panel labels, as well as 1-panel, 2-panel and 3-panel booklet labels and digital labels. Additionally, we can help you with label text translations, blinding and regulatory support.  For more information on our label services, visit our Clinical Label Services.

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Clinical Trial Packaging eBook:

Smart Choices Trim Timelines

A carefully planned packaging strategy can significantly streamline study timelines and increase the likelihood of a successful trial.

ProSyriesSM Pre-filled Syringe Assembly & Labeling

Our fully automated, globally-positioned pre-filled syringe assembly production lines were designed and engineered with flexibility in mind. Capable of handling a wide range of syringe size, fill levels and materials of construction with exacting levels of precision to prevent stopper movement, the ProSyries assembly & labeling services can meet the unique needs of every trial.

Fisher Clinical Services fully automated pre-filled syringe assembly and labeling services:

  • Maximize flexibility for every trial and every syringe
  • Reduce variability and risk through quality driven, global, automated processes
  • Safeguard patient and medical staff
  • Eliminate costly bottlenecks and deliver efficiency


Refined over decades with exclusive focus on clinical trials, large and small, Fisher Clinical Services offers a wide range of custom packaging and storage options to ensure the quality of study medicinal products and placebos by meeting sponsor needs for temperature, humidity, lighting, and other environmental controls. Bulk supplies are properly stored and adequately secured until needed for packaging or distribution.

Control over product assets is provided by our global project management system, which tracks each step in the storage process. This active monitoring assures quality and reliability for the length of your clinical trial.