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Pioneer in production automation

Basel Fast Facts:


53mi/85km NW of Zurich



Fun Fact

Here you can visit the World Famous Johann Wanner Christmas Shop. The shop is located in the centre of Basel, and is open throughout the year. They have decorated the Rockfeller Plaza. The shop’s most famous client is the Queen of England.

Nearest Airport

EuroAirport Basel (BSL)

Distance from Airport

  • 6.9Km from EuroAirport Basel (BSL) 

Facility Highlights

Storage capacity  
Controlled Ambient:
Refrigerated (2°C to 8°C):
Frozen (-15°C to -80°C):
Controlled Drug (Ambient):
Production Rooms  
Clinical Manufacturing (e.g. Over-encapsulation,
Blinding, Micro Dose):
Primary Packaging:
Secondary Packaging & Labeling:
Comparator Sourcing:
Clinical Ancillary Management:
Clinical Manufacturing (e.g. Over-encapsulation,
Blinding, Micro Dose):
Label Design / Production:
Returns / Destruction:
Audited/Licenses SWISSMEDIC, SUVA

Clinical Label Services

Variable Print Computerization &
Inspection Equipment:
Standalone Vision Inspection:
Inkjet Printers:
Laser Printers:
Thermal Transfer Printers:
Label Design:
Translation Management:
Standard Label Manufacturing:
Randomized Creating & Management:
DigiPly Variable Computerization:
JIT Patient Computerization:
Bulk Label Storage:
Consultative Project Management:

GMP Biologics Storage & Cell Therapy Clinical Trial Support

Storage Capacity  
Cryogenic (<-150°C):
Cold Chain Logistics:
Kit Production:
Secondary Packaging & Labeling:
Pack-Out Validation:
Laboratory Services: CL3
Tissue, Buffy Coat, PBMC processing:
DNA/RNA Extraction:
Audit/Licenses GDP

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Map & Location

+41 614 852 300

Steinbühlweg, CH-4123 Allschwil,
Basel, Switzerland

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