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This new facility is 30 minutes walking distance from our Special Economic Zone (SEZ) main facility (Free Trade Zone).

Facility Highlights (Domestic Tariff Area):

Storage capacity  
Controlled Ambient:
Refrigerated (2°C to 8°C):
Frozen (-20°C):
Controlled Drug (Ambient):
Controlled Drug (Refrigerated):
Production Rooms  
Clinical Manufacturing (e.g. Over-encapsulation,
Blinding, Micro Dose):
Primary Packaging:
Secondary Packaging & Labeling:
Comparator Sourcing:
Clinical Ancillary Management:
Clinical Manufacturing (e.g. Over-encapsulation,
Blinding, Micro Dose):
✔ (over-encapsulation)
Label Design / Production:
Returns / Destruction:
Audited/Licenses 20B, 20G & 21B from State Licensing Authority of India
Facility and services are GMP compliant

Clinical Label Services

Thermal Transfer Printers:
Standard Label Manufacturing:

Contact us to learn more about our Ahmedabad (Domestic Tariff Area) facility

Ahmedabad Fast Facts:


Western India; One hour north of Mumbai by Air


7.8 million

Fun Fact

Allows local Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers to mitigate the Tax implications for movement of local Investigational Medicinal Product (IMP) out of our Special Economic Zone (SEZ) location; complements existing facility in Free Trade Zone.

Nearest Airport

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport (AMD)

Distance from Airport

  • Ahmedabad airport is 50 Km from facility.

Map & Location

+91-7567881886, +919355395772

Building No 1. Naman Estate,
Survey No 527 & 528,
Matoda, Ahmedabad,
Gujarat - 382213