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How can you help me with my clinical trial?
We offer manufacturing, packaging, storage, distribution and labeling solutions that enable ultimate oversight and integration of your clinical supply chain activities in order to maximize trial flexibility and performance. From over-encapsulation to packaging and ultimately the distribution of investigational products and supplies to investigator sites, our integrated services support every detail of your clinical supply chain seamlessly and cost-effectively.

I just have a small study. Do you do that?
Absolutely. No study is too small. One of Fisher Clinical Services largest areas of growth over recent years has been in early phase drug development. Scalability is the key and we pride ourselves on this as we look to partner both near and long term with our customers. Expertise and commitment, procedures, quality systems and technological innovations are the same no matter how big or small your trial.

I only need some of your services, not all of them. Is that a problem?
Absolutely not. Fisher Clinical Services can partner where needed in support of your clinical trials. Our experienced team of supply chain professionals can assist with specific requests, from multiple locations worldwide. From clinical packaging to storage and from global distribution to comparator purchasing, a Fisher Clinical Services specialist can assist you with your specific clinical trial needs.

How do I contact you if I would like more information about your company?
You are welcome to complete a Request Information or Contact Us. Alternatively, you can email us at or contact us by phone at any one of our locations.

Where is Fisher Clinical Services based?
Fisher Clinical Services has numerous locations around the globe, strategically situated to support the conduct of clinical trials. Our headquarters are located in Allentown, PA, USA.

Can you support trials in Europe / US / Asia / South America?
Fisher Clinical Services supports trials in all global locations. Our strategically placed facilities and depots around the globe ensure that we are able to devise a supply chain solution that addresses both the regional and country level requirements of your clinical programs. Our experienced logistics team brings unsurpassed experience to the challenges associated with shipping investigational product across the globe.

Do you provide regulatory support?
Fisher Clinical Services maintains a team of qualified professionals who bring a depth of experience within the cGMP setting. Their broad range of experience auditing manufacturing sites worldwide ensures appropriate levels of cGMP along the critical path of your clinical protocol by ensuring successful QP declarations and applications in the European Union through our quality units and qualified persons.

Can you conduct manufacturing/drug sourcing activities?
In addition to our services in primary, secondary packaging and distribution, we also support manufacturing, comparator purchasing and drug sourcing activities. Our suite of services has been developed to support the continuum of supply chain needs within a clinical trial setting. Contact us at or through our Request Information or Contact Us link for further details on these services.

What is Fisher Clinical Services’ ability to support large-scale clinical trials?
Fisher Clinical Services has a network of facilities around the globe. We continuously monitor our resources and capacity levels to service our customers’ needs. In recent years, we have added significant capacity to our Allentown, Basel, and Horsham facilities, and opened facilities in China, India, Japan, Latin America, Russia and South Africa.

Can Fisher Clinical Services handle packaging of liquids/semi-solids?
Fisher Clinical Services has significant experience in secondary packaging of items such as syringes or vials, but does not currently have aseptic filling capabilities. This type of work is subcontracted to preferred providers.

Are Fisher Clinical Services’ facilities cGMP compliant?
Yes, Fisher Clinical Services’ facilities are cGMP compliant.

I am interested in applying for a job at Fisher Clinical Services. When I connect to the careers section, why am I linked to a listing of jobs for Thermo Fisher Scientific?
Fisher Clinical Services is a business unit within Thermo Fisher Scientific. You can search Thermo Fisher’s complete database of open positions by job type or by location.