Core Services

Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) are an integral part of today’s clinical development process. Fisher Clinical Services teams are deeply experienced in collaborating and supporting these organizations in the planning, set up, execution and close out of clinical trials. We can offer counsel for best approaches on packaging design, a strategy for comparator and co-medication sourcing, assistance with ancillary supplies, supply forecasting and IVR setup. A full range of storage and distribution services are available as well to ensure your clinical supplies are where you need them, when you need them.

With the industry’s largest set of owned cGMP facilities—strategically situated on all five continents specifically to support clinical trials—our on-the-ground teams are an important part of our success. They are available to work with your investigators and sites in the local languages and time zones. Additionally, our professionals bring in-depth knowledge of on-the-ground and local regulatory barriers and extensive experience in addressing and solving challenges.

Working with Fisher Clinical Services allows your project managers and CROs to focus on the enrollment requirements and ongoing support for the sites. We work directly with you to develop a strategy that spans the lifecycle of the trial, all the way through to final returns and reconciliation.