The small vials and syringes common in biological clinical trials present a labeling challenge in today’s global environment. There are more languages and requirements, but less surface area to accommodate them. Our solution is the Globalply® booklet label, which displays dozens of printed languages in a wrap-around design for plastic and glass containers. Provided by Clintrak Clinical Labeling Services LLC, which is also part of ThermoFisher Scientific, Globalply offers dual-patterned adhesive for permanent and removable labels and specific stock materials that are more tear resistant.

No matter what the labeling requirements, Fisher Clinical Services teams rely on the expertise of Clintrak Clinical Labeling Services LLC, the market leader in providing clinical labeling design, production and management services to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry from locations within the US, EU and Asia.

Acquired in 2005, Clintrak is an important part of Fisher Clinical Services operations which manufactures packages and distributes clinical trial supplies globally.

Summary of Capabilities:

  • Multi-lingual booklet labels
  • Single and multi-panel labels
  • Blinded labels with scratch-off blinding
  • Blank label stock
  • Code break reports/cards
  • Tamper evident seals
  • Case report forms


Multi-Lingual Booklets

Clintrak pioneered the multi-lingual booklet label. This product allows for a single booklet to be applied as a label to a unit of clinical drug supply with instructional pages in local languages for up 40 countries. This technique eliminates multiple print runs and the requirement for study supplies to be produced and pre-allocated by country.

Document Routing System

Clintrak has produced a centralized web-based document management/routing system enabling clients to manage the flow of approval of label text/translations and proofs via a central database. Full versioning control ensures only the most up to date text is transmitted for production.