Investigator Site & Patient Services

In the high-stakes world of clinical development, sponsors develop protocols with a focus on testing clinical endpoints and, often, somewhat less appreciation for the practical implications of the designs on investigator sites and patients. At a time when the number and complexity of trials are escalating, sponsors stand to reap valuable benefits from the practical insights of investigator sites about the impact of clinical supplies in real-world care settings.

Fisher Clinical Services is committed to keeping the patient and site at the forefront of its service portfolio.  Whether designing new digital booklet labels with larger, color-coded font and stronger materials of construction, or enabling pre-alert notifications to ensure sites know when needed drug is about to arrive, or simply designing packaging that will be drive patient adherence,  Fisher Clinical Services offers a portfolio of options designed specifically with the site and the patient in mind.

We are also committed to giving sites a voice in the clinical research process. In 2011 and each subsequent year, we chose to sponsor a group of global site representatives and others involved in trial implementation in their effort to identify clinical supply issues and generate workable solutions. The Investigator Site Panel on Clinical Supplies convened and later conducted a worldwide survey of investigator sites. In addition to concluding that clinical supplies should be a key part of the protocol planning process, the 2013 survey identified the four top clinical issues facing investigator sites and the two emerging trends most likely to contribute to existing supply chain challenges.