Clinical Ancillary Management

Among the critical components of any clinical trial are the supplies and materials that are required as part of the treatment stipulated in the protocol but are not considered Investigational Product. These so called “ancillary” supplies can be anything from the needles and tubing required to administer an IV drug to larger equipment such as freezers and ECG machines or even nutritional supplements. For many organizations, this portion of trial planning is left to the clinical project team to locate, source, and coordinate. The Clinical Ancillaries Management team at Fisher has the clinical expertise and experience to understand your study’s requirements along with unparalleled access to Thermo Fisher Scientific’s vast array of laboratory and clinical products.

This superior sourcing power is combined with the distribution expertise of Fisher Clinical Services to provide a single point of support to supply and transport ancillary supplies all over the world in a seamless and coordinated process that simplifies the burden on both the clinical teams and the sites. Our on the ground personnel, strategically located around the world, offer local support for customs and import requirements and our network of facilities provides our clients with a closed loop system for maintaining visibility and access to their ancillary supplies.