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Expedited delivery for Central Europe

Weil am Rhein Fast Facts:


The city borders France to the West and Switzerland to the South 59mi/95km NW of Zurich



Fun Fact

The town was first documented in the year 789 as Willa, a name which is thought to be of roman origin.

Nearest Airport

EuroAirport Basel (BSL)

Distance from Airport

  • 10 Km from EuroAirport Basel (BSL)

Facility Highlights:

City: Weil am Rhein
Country: Germany
Opened: 2009
Expansion: 2014
Total Capacity: 4,978 m2
Secondary Rooms(Labeling, Controlled Ambient Environment): 7
Secondary Rooms(Labeling & Packaging, Controlled Cold Environment): 5
Warehouse Capacity: 29,996 m
Frozen Storage Capacity (-20): 361 m
Frozen Packaging Room (-20): 32 m
Controlled Drug Storage Capacity: 76 m
Enviromental Technologies: Yes
Audited: German Authority License
Comparator Sourcing: Yes
Returns & Destruction: Yes
Labeling: Yes

Map & Location

+49 4161 485 2300

Im Wörth 3,
79576 Weil am Rhein, Germany

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