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"Brazil is known as an attractive and important country for performing clinical trials due to its diverse ethnic population that is highly concentrated (more than 80%) in major metropolitan centers.

The ability to recruit large patient cohorts at fewer clinical sites offers an advantage to companies conducting pharmaceutical research in Brazil. In addition, the country has an extensive network of hospitals and clinical centers that provide high standards of care and therapeutic specialization.

While there are benefits to patient recruitment and clinical expertise, Brazil presents regulatory and logistical challenges. Companies seeking to begin clinical trials in the country face a complex path toward regulatory authorization as well as significant delays in import licensure and customs release.

Fisher Clinical Services Brazil is highly specialized in all aspects of the clinical trials supply chain and has helped many companies step through these obstacles. We invite you to learn more about our facility, services and solutions."

Daniel G. Fernandes, General Manager Fisher Clinical Services, Brazil

Fast Facts on Brazil and Pharmaceutical Industry

  • 5th largest population in the world.
  • More than 80% concentrated in urban areas.
  • 7th largest economy in the world.
  • 6th largest pharmaceutical market.
  • Emerging large biosimilar industry.
  • Diverse ethnic population.
  • Fast enrollment of large patient groups in oncology, cardiovascular, diabetes, CNS and rheumatoid illness.
  • The regulatory agency responsible for the clinical trials approval, pharmaceutical products registration and specific importation licenses is ANVISA.
  • Majority of pharmaceutical clinical studies are submitted for approval by pharmaceutical industry, CROs and university hospitals.

Map & Location

+55 11 3719 0203

Av. Jaguare 818,
Unidade 29, (05346-000),
Sao Paulo - SP, Brazil

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