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Fisher Clinical Services LLC, Moscow, Russia announced its acceptance of an “Importer of the Year 2014 Award” from the Russian Federation. This award is granted by the Russian Federation, based on official statistics and in recognition of the following categories:

  • The amount of foreign trade operations
  • Dynamics of growth in foreign operations
  • A diversification (the number of trade positions)
  • The number of counterparty countries importing into Russia

Irina Tlyusten, General Manager of Fisher Clinical Services, Russia says: “At Fisher Clinical Services Russia, we work diligently to support pharmaceutical and biotech companies wanting to conduct clinical research here. Our ability to act as Importer of Record and the processes we have in place to ensure smooth clearance of clinical supplies through customs are paramount to our success in meeting the needs of our clients and in keeping clinical studies on track. We are proud to accept this award.”


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