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Gateway to 142 million patients and one of the fastest growing clinical markets

Moscow Fast Facts:


Center of European Region of Russia


12 million

Fun Fact

Up to XIX century the Moscow Kremlin was “white” as the red walls of the Kremlin were whitewashed to protect the bricks, but the paint was stripped after the Great Fire of Moscow in 1812 and this is the Kremlin we see today.

Nearest Airport

Domodedovo International Airport (DMO)

Distance from Airport

  • Domodedovo International Airport (DMO) 40km

  • Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO) 85km

  • Vnukovo International Airport (VKO) 50k

Facility Highlights:

City: Moscow
Country: Russia
Opened: 2010
Total Capacity: 2,803.4 m2
Secondary Rooms: 3
Cold Production Rooms: 1
Warehouse Capacity: 15,493 m
Refrigerated Storage Capacity (2-8): 808 m
Frozen Storage Capacity (-20): 95 m
Frozen Storage Capacity (-30-50): 374 m
Frozen Storage Capacity (-60-80): 374 m
Environmental Technologies: Yes
Audited: Russian License Authority
Comparator Sourcing: Yes
Returns & Destruction: Yes
Labeling: Yes
Secondary Packaging: Yes

Map & Location

+74 955 056 564

142180, Климовск, Коммунальная, 23а

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