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Dedicated client facility

Indianapolis Fast Facts:


Indianapolis, Indiana



Fun Fact

Indianapolis is home to the Indianapolis 500, which is the worlds largest site for spectator sports with over 250,000 seats.

Nearest Airport

Indianapolis International Airport (IND)

Distance from Airport

  • 13 miles from Indianapolis International Airport

Facility Highlights:

City: Indianapolis
Country: USA
Opened: 2010
Total Capacity: 3,437 m
Dry Production Areas: 9,012 m
Containment Manufacturing Capacity: 1,208 m
Product Storage Capacity: 1, 858 m
Consumable Storage Capacity: 2,323 m
Equipment Storage Capacity: 4,460 m
Packaging Capacity
Automated Bottle Lines: 2,137 m
TF-2 Thermoformer: 1,068 m
Misc. Packaging Suites: 2,555 m
Prefilled Syringe Assembly: 910 m
Label Generation/Label Gen QA Check: 330 m
Bulk Storage: 2,230 m
Chilled Storage/Cold Prod Room: 1,022 m
Engineering Room:                             376 m
Refrigerated Storage Capacity (2-8): 2,787 m
Controlled Drug Storage Capacity: 372 m
Environmental Technologies: Yes
Comparator Sourcing: Yes
Manufacturing: Yes

Map & Location

+1 317 277 0337

Building 312/314
Indianapolis, Indiana
46221, USA

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