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Key Benefits for Sponsors:

  • A state-of-the-art GMP facility strategically located in the capital of China. Complies with EU GDP and GMP requirements maintaining high quality standards.
  • A domestic entry point with ability to import bulk shipments into Beijing and to store inventory in a secure, temperature controlled environment.
  • Proven track record of 99% on time delivery across China with the ability to deliver to Tier 3 cities and beyond.
  • Expertise having managed a high volume of studies across China – 330+ studies to date; 60+ cities in China including remote sites; 10,000+ shipments annually.
  • Multi-lingual team with proficiency in English and a true appreciation of cultural nuances, professionally accomplished in overcoming challenges faced when running clinical trials in China.
  • Expertise in complex labelling and packaging projects including double blind secondary packaging and labelling; complex kit assembly; manual walleting; precision labelling on vials; Just-In-Time labelling of supplies before despatch to investigator sites.
  • Additional ability to package & label under refrigerated (2-8◦C) conditions where stability data is limited.
  • Proficiency in managing “light sensitive projects.”
  • Ability to manage importation and exportation of supplies, reducing number of hand-offs and securing the chain of custody across the supply chain.
  • Excellent track record of obtaining import licences in a timely manner – 70 hours, with ability to achieve a quick turnaround in high value duty payments ; 200+ imports per year.
  • Facilitates seamless and fast customs clearance by managing all import/export documentation and ensuring clinical supplies stay within correct temperature specifications.
  • Specialists in supporting sponsors during pre-CTA application stage. Expertise in managing IIS studies and Phase I studies. Clinical Supply Optimization services assist sponsors with planning, forecasting and cost management of clinical trials in China. Project management expertise for domestic and global trials.
  • Expertise in sourcing comparator drugs, maintaining integrity of supplies across the supply chain.
  • Acts as a single interface for all parties involved in the controlled drugs supply chain.
  • Expertise in sourcing local packaging materials and ancillary supplies, e.g. drug delivery devices and monitoring devices. Local capability for carton design and label printing for secondary packaging projects.
  • Track record of realising cost and performance efficiencies when delivering to investigator sites, accessing remote areas & scheduling shipments to accommodate patient appointments.
  • High capacity for ambient (15-25◦C), refrigerated (2-8◦C) and frozen (-20◦C to ±5◦) IMP storage, handling and distribution of supplies.
  • Capability to reconcile the return, storage and disposal of unused clinical material and returned IMP.
  • Established in 2007, a reputable provider with a track record of excellence in defining best practice in the industry.

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