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Total Transportation Management

Fisher Clinical Services provides a unique and innovative service for clients seeking to partner with an experienced logistics provider for distribution, courier, import and customs decisions across a single trial or a portfolio of trials.

Our Total Transportation Management service manages the complex supply chain processes required to move Investigational Medicinal Product (IMP) shipments internationally and within the country of destination. 

Leveraging our network of cGMP sites strategically located across the globe, coupled with our transport expertise, breadth of shipments, insight into courier performance by region/lane/route and our teams of in-country experts, Fisher Clinical Services can simplify the complexity associated with optimizing your transportation budget against your supply needs and associated risk.  

The Total Transportation Management service includes:

  • Courier selection and management
  • Import & export advice and support
  • Customs and regulatory guidance & support
  • Access to global storage and distribution facilities
  • Global quality assurance support
  • Proactive track & trace
  • Data objective monitoring & reporting of all shipments

Whether you need to manage a complete portfolio of studies or require support for the conduct of standalone multi-regional clinical trial, Fisher Clinical Services provides overarching insight and management of your supply chain transportation needs.