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Single & Two Panel Label Services

Single & two panel labels can be manufactured in many sizes, on a variety of face-stock materials and base label adhesives to accommodate clinical trial materials for most application and storage conditions. Our capabilities are supplied by consultative Project Management support that provides trial/portfolio oversight and control.

Consultative Project Management

Clintrak provides full project management support through a team of project managers dedicated to the design, support and execution of clinical trial labels.

This includes:

  • Guidance on label setup
  • Coordination of translations
  • Regulatory review & randomizations
  • Full design capabilities (only need to provide English text)
  • Individual batch record control and release on a job-by-job basis

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Label Types

Single Panel Label

  • Clintrak's Single Panel Label may be used when a limited number (1-3) of languages is required for the clinical trial.
  • The entire label is applied to the primary or secondary packaging material. This type of label is best utilized when you are going into a limited number of countries, you have a small trial or you have limited stability but want to start seeding the trial in specified countries.

Single Panel WAO Label

  • Clintrak's Single Panel WAO Label is recommended for smaller circumference primary packaging materials requiring more text capacity when only a limited number of languages are necessary for the clinical trial.

Two Panel Sandwich Label

  • The Clintrak Two Panel Sandwich Label is recommended when a secondary label is required for batch record retention or case report forms.