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Israel’s New Customs Requirements: Are You Prepared?

Angus Macleod

By: Angus Macleod March 09 2018

Tags: Global Distribution, Logistics for Clinical Trials, Regulatory Import Export

Israel's New Customs Requirements

Israel’s New Customs Requirements: Are You Prepared?

Don’t let new Israeli customs requirements bring trials to a halt. On Jan. 14th 2018, the customs authorities in Israel transitioned to a new operating system. This new operating system requires the customs agent to present a packing list showing the contents of each shipper (item and quantity). To that end, Israeli customs is starting to insist that if a shipment is packed in more than one shipper, there must be a breakdown of the contents of each shipper, either on a detailed packing list or alternatively in the body of the invoice.  Without this information it will not be possible to release shipments from customs.

The request for a packing list with a breakdown per carton is not new. This has always been the requirement in Israel, but up until now the customs agents were able to release in one way or another, even if they did not have a breakdown of all contents. This has changed with the new operational system. Although currently no shipments have been delayed because of a lack of a detailed packing list, a number of customs agents have alluded that, at some point, this requirement will be enforced more stringently than it has been in the past.

Top Tip – Be prepared and ensure that the packing list meets these new requirements!

Israel’s highly skilled workforce, adherence to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and strong patient enrollment and retention rates have made this country a hot spot for clinical trials. It’s no wonder Israel is evolving into a clinical trial powerhouse. If you’re currently conducting trials in Israel, or plan to in the future, you don’t want to miss these top tips for the importation of controlled substances into Israel.

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How do you feel about these new Israeli customs requirements?


Angus Macleod