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SupplySITE℠ Investigator and Patient Centric Services

Patients are at the heart of clinical research. In the clinical supply chain, investigator sites are the conduit to the patient. At Fisher Clinical Services, we are committed to understanding the unique needs of both the patients and the sites. By doing so, not only is the patient experience enhanced, but the quality of your trial deliverables, as well. Our SupplySITE services were developed with the site and the patient volunteer in mind.

DigiPly℠ Booklet Label Service

The DigiPly booklet label was designed after extensive research on the needs of patients and sites and in collaboration with investigator sites across the world. The label can be printed in color which enables the ability to highlight critical text to bring important data to the attention of the site or patient. Additionally, up to 60 pages for over 100+ languages, there is no need to use tiny font in order to squeeze text onto a limited number of pages. To preserve data integrity, variable patient data is laminated. Visit our Clintrak Label page to learn more.

Pre-Alert Shipment Notifications

(via our Global Logistics Help Desk)

In the process of supplying investigator sites with investigational product, clinical supply teams work diligently to ensure that sites have the drug they need for every trial patients. However, what is sometimes overlooked is the importance of transparent communication with that site to ensure they will be available to accept the shipment when it arrives. Pre-alert shipment notifications help sites to schedule patients, ensure staff is available to receive drug, feel confident that drug is en route, enroll patients without reservation and prepare in advance for refrigerated storage space requirements. Learn more about our Global Help Desk and Total Transportation Management Services.  

Packaging Design Services

Keeping the patient in mind is key to identifying the most optimal packaging for your investigational product. Time and time again we hear frustration from sites that their patients can’t open or don’t know how to take their clinical drug. Our team of project managers and our relationship with sites around the world will help guide you in selecting the most suitable packaging for your trial in order to ensure patient safety and compliance. 

Investigator Initiated/Sponsored Study Support

Promising research is being conducted at investigator sites around the world every day. Through our Clinical Supply Optimization services, we will help your sites navigate the often unfamiliar waters of setting up and executing a clinical supply chain. 

ProSyries℠ Pre-filled Syringe Assembly

Sites and patients prefer pre-filled syringes over vial cartridges.  For sites, pre-filled syringes prevent the potential for product contamination and ensure the patient receives the exact dose required, thereby increasing patient safety.  Patients prefer them for ease-of-use.  Fisher Clinical Services’ ProSyries pre-filled syringe assembly and labeling service (now in both ambient and cold temperatures!) provides the highest standard in assembly precision.  We also fit syringes with Needle Safety Devices (NSD) to prevent accidental punctures. Find out more about ProSyries℠ pre-filled syringe assembly here.