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SupplyPROSM Innovative Clinical Supply Technology Solutions

Technology in today’s clinical supply chain enables us to work smarter, faster and to a higher quality standard.  In a traditionally conservative industry, when it comes to early adoption of technological innovations, technology is really poised to completely transform the way we do business and execute a clinical supply chain. 

For over 25 years, Fisher Clinical Services has exclusively focused on servicing the packaging and distribution requirements of clinical trials across the world. Our singular focus on driving efficiency in the clinical supply chain process, and the depth and breadth of that insight, has enabled us to develop and offer innovative technological enhancements across the supply chain.

ATLAS℠ (Alternative Translation and Label Approval System)

The industry’s first clinical, web-based, label-specific translation and approval management system that comprehensively addresses the full spectrum of label development. Streamlining the process from text translation and approval through label manufacturing. ATLAS offers a bevy of critical benefits and eliminates costly supply chain bottlenecks. Learn more about ATLAS℠ here.

DigiPly℠ Booklet Label Service

The first of its kind, this digital booklet label enables you to easily change countries mid-trial in less than 5 days, reducing cumbersome bottlenecks and delays. This label can also be printed in full color and with up to 60 pages for over 100+ languages, there is no need to use tiny font size in order to squeeze text onto a limited number of pages. Learn more about the DigiPly℠ booklet service here.

Pre-Alert Shipment Notification

(via our Global Logistics Help Desk)

The implications of shipments arriving when sites least expect them can be profound, not just to the investigator site, but to your study as well. Pre-alert shipment notifications are available when leveraging our Total Transportation Management Services via our Global Help Desk

Virtual Audit Capabilities

Auditing facilities across the world can prove costly and time consuming. Fisher Clinical Services’ proprietary Virtual Audit capabilities enable you to conduct real-time audits of one of our facilities, interact with on-site personnel, view locations within the facility and share documents via a secure portal.  Multiple facilities can also be audited from that one core facility, time zones permitting. To learn more about or schedule an audit, contact us.

Clinical Supply Optimization Forecasting System

When utilizing our Clinical Supply Optimization services, not only do you gain access to comprehensive oversight of your whole trial or portfolio supply chain needs, you also gain access to our forecasting systems and extensive project management expertise. Utilizing our forecasting tool, your Clinical Supply Optimization project manager will provide you initial and ongoing patient enrollment forecasting expectations in order to efficiently manage your drug, comparator and ancillary requirements. Learn more about Clinical Supply Optimization forecasting capabilities.

Paperless Operational Systems

Paperless operations at Fisher Clinical Services have reduced paper consumption at our worldwide facilities by up to 70 percent. Not only have we reduced waste but these new systems enable us to reduce cycle times and increase productivity without comprising quality. In fact, by reducing the potential for manual data entry errors, the systems improve the quality of your supply chain data.