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Largest ambient and cold packaging, storage and distribution facility for clinical trials

Allentown Fast Facts:


92mi / 152km West of New York City



Fun Fact

Allentown briefly hosted the Liberty Bell during the Revolutionary War.

Nearest Airport

Lehigh Valley International (ABE)

Distance from Airport

  • 15 miles from Lehigh Valley International (ABE)

  • 69 miles from Philadelphia International (PHL)

  • 88 miles from Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

Facility Highlights:

City: Allentown
Country: USA
Opened: 1989
Total Capacity:  28,800 m3
Primary Rooms: 37
Secondary Rooms: 19
Cold Secondary Production Rooms: 5
Warehouse Capacity: 1
Ambient Storage Capacity: 14,865 m3
Refrigerated Storage Capacity (2-8): 2,787 m3
Frozen Storage Capacity (-20, -40, -80): 929 m3
Controlled Drug Storage Capacity: 279 m3
City: Nestle Way
Distribution Warehouse: 11,148 m3
Returns Warehouse: 5,574 m3
Refrigerated Storage Capacity: 4,181 m3
Frozen -15°C – 25°C (Frozen Brick Storage): 93 m3
Controlled Drug Storage Capacity: 1,394 m3
Environmental Technologies: Yes
Packaging Room: Yes
Cold Packaging Room: Yes
Comparator Sourcing: Yes
Manufacturing: Yes
Returns & Destruction: Yes

Five Facts on the U.S. Healthcare Industry:

  1. Prescription drug sales: $335.4 Billion in 2013, 2.6% compounded annual growth rate (1)
  2. Prescription drug value: For every dollar spent on Rx drugs in the U.S. more than two dollars are saved in hospitalization costs (2) 
  3. Clinical Challenge: Between 1999 and 2004, the clinical approval success rate was estimated at 16%—or just one in six compounds (3) 
  4. Current share of Global Clinical trials: 40% of the 176,201 studies listed in are located in the U.S. only (4) 
  5. Clinical Investigators: The number of principal investigators per active Investigational New Drug nearly doubled over 10 years, while the proportion of clinical trials in Phase I has increased substantially (5).


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Map & Location

+1 610 391 0800

7554 Schantz Rd
Allentown, PA
United States

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